My “Why”


Hi! My name is Julie Prestsater. I’m an educator by day, and a LuLaRoe Consultant and romance author by night and weekends. I am happily married to my LuLaHubs. Big shout out to Match.Com for pairing me with this amazing man 13 years ago. We have 4 wonderful children and two adorable grandchildren. We love to eat sushi, watch comedies, and talk Dad into getting ice cream at every opportunity. We also love chicken wings and ranch dressing. When we’re not watching football or baseball, or at a band competition, you can count on us having a houseful of family over for tons of non-stop laughter and memorable moments. I am so very grateful for my family! Together, we are unstoppable!

Why LuLaRoe?
For my family! I’m drowning in my student loan debt. Our two younger daughters will be off to college in the next year, so we’re determined to keep them from accumulating the same debt I did. As time has progressed, my why has also grown to include building a family business that we can work together. All of us. My husband, my children, me. We know how to play together, we are learning how to work hard together as well. It’s an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see my Why take different paths along the way.