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5 Ways to Wear Irma like a Rockstar!

Irma rockstar

5 Ways to Wear Irma like a ROCKSTAR!

Irma is my girl! We go way back to the first time I started shopping LuLaRoe almost two years ago. I usually wear an extra large in tops from Target or Kohls, so I cannot even tell you how thrilled I was to discover that a SMALL was my LuLaRoe Irma size! Roe-M-G! Amazingness, I tell you.

There are times, however, when I want an Irma that may not be my size, but I love the print or the feel of the fabric. Or maybe it’s just the right color to pair with my favorite Cassie. Have no fear, though. In times like these, I go for it. Get that larger size and go with it. Knot it. Belt it. Cinch it. There are many ways to wear Irma, not just one.

So, I documented 5 days of Irma to demonstrate how easy it is to change the look of your Irma and have some fun.

Let’s take a look…

Day One

Day 1 of Irma

I paired a large Irma with TC leggings and a small Joy. I added a belt to accessorize and add some shape. BTW, Joy is my jam. I love her for being there for me when I don’t want to show off all my junk in the trunk. Wink wink.

Day Two

Day 2 of Irma

This is a fun look. This is an extra large Irma paired with OS black leggings, and a cardigan from Kohls. Yes, I do wear non-LuLaRoe clothing, but not too often. So what do you think of the cowl neckline. It’s a deep scoop. I had to pull my arms through the neck of the Irma. The neckline was then around my chest. I took the sleeves of the Irma and gathered them at the back of my neck and used a hair tie to hold them together. This created the scoop look.  Cool, huh!

Day Three

Day 3 of Irma

Would you believe me if I said I’m wearing TWO Irmas on Day 3? Well, I sure am. I’m wearing a large Irma on top and a 2XL Irma on the bottom. Obviously, my top Irma is knotted on the side. To reinvent my larger Irma as a skirt, I had to step into my top and put the neckline around my waist. Then, I took the sleeves of my Irma and tied them at the back. Here’s another peek from the back side.

two irmas

Day Four

Day 4 of Irma

Can you tell what this is? Seriously? What is this Irma paired with? Yes! It’s an Amelia! Roe-M-G! This is one of my favorite outfits! Sometimes, the pleats of my Amelias sit in just the right place to make my hips look like end tables on my sides. Paired with an Irma, you can’t see those pleats. It feels good on my waistline, and I get to keep the pockets! AMEN! This is a medium Amelia with a small Irma. Take a closer look at the flower on my Irma. Super cute, eh.

Day Five

Day 5 of Irma

Fun. Classic. I’m wearing a medium Irma, medium Azure, OS black leggings, and small Joy. The Irma is cinched on both sides to gather at the waist. I tied a clear elastic around a wood chip. Take a look at my previous post on how to create buttons and just do the opposite to create the cinched look.

There you have it. Five sure fire ways to rock your Irma like a freaking rockstar! Go forth and ROE!



You can check out my inventory of Irmas right here. Get clicky with it! 


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